Gamecube Controller (All Colours)

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Here you will find our selection of currently available Nintendo GameCube controllers, they are all Genuine Nintendo brand and have perfectly working buttons/toggles unless otherwise stated in the product name.

Prices vary depending on the condition of the item, please look at the picture that shows when you select an item as it is the controller that you will be sent, it will help you know what you're about to purchase.

A quick rundown of conditions:

Very Good - No button/joystick issues. Very minimal to no scratches, scuffs or discoloration.

Good - No button/joystick issues, toggle 8-10. Generally good condition, small or minimal scratches and decent toggle.

Scratched - No button/joystick issues, toggle usually 8-10. Generally with more noticeable scratches or faded paint in areas, but with decent toggle.

Loose Toggle - No button issues, toggle 5-7. May be on a good aesthetic condition but the toggle will be considerably loose and would need replacement for enjoyable use.

Heavily Scratched - May have 'sticky' or 'soft' button issues despite working, toggle may be loose or not; aesthetically very obvious scratches or worn areas. Read item name for more description on that item's problem.

You can buy up to 2 Controllers (N64, GC, etc) for the same $7.95 shipping rate.