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We know how difficult it can be for just about anyone to write their own Resume for a number of reasons: lack of focus, uncertainty of what is important to current employers, first time looking for work, etc.

That is why resume writing services have been appearing all over the world, and also why there are many different places to pick from, so why should you consider asking us for help?

It's simple, our main offer to you is honesty.

We don't claim to be a miracle maker network, we offer you objective and achievable goals when it comes to resume writing. The "Best" resume is subjective, every employer will be looking for something different, and will enjoy a different type of writing. To some, the resume's important part is just your past employment, to others it's your main, if not only, opportunity to sell yourself as an employee.

You can read plenty online about how to best write your own resume, and the consensus is simple: Mention things that matter.

That is what makes a good resume difficult to write at times, as sometimes it's difficult to know what is important, or how to word why it is so. That is what we seek to help you with, we will try to make your resume a simple yet striking list of all the achievements you've accomplished and why these achievements make you employable.

What you will obtain in the end is a resume that you can proudly use for most of your job applications, and if you think something needs to be changed to fit a particular position, you will at least have a base idea of how your experiences and skills make you more employable.

Who are our services for?

As much as I would like to say for certain that we are able to help anyone, on any field, that is unfortunately not the case.

My personal background in Retail, Hospitality, Accountancy, and Human Resources means that our services are best suited to people looking for jobs in these or similar industries, I can also help recent graduates looking for first time employment, apprenticeships, traineeships and internships at a discounted rate.

Employees in Engineering related industries, as well as those from skilled-labour such as tradies can enquire for some guidance at a lower cost; I am fully aware that as someone who doesn't have the expertise on the field, I will not be able to pin-point the most important benefits of your different experiences; and as such I can only give you a guide on what should be in your resume and why, based on your previous accomplishments.

What is the process to get my own resume?

Thankfully the process is very simple:

  1. Click here to ask us for more information or request an invoice for our services if you've chosen us (Click here for a pricing guide).
  2. If you want to continue, we will link you to a form where you can fill out all the details we will need at your leisure. We will also ask for any previous resumes you have, if you'd like to share them.
  3. We will send you an invoice for our services, upon payment we will begin work.
  4. You will receive your new resume within the promised timeframe.
  5. If you have any feedback or other questions, you are welcome to contact us again!