This is a simple FAQ which hopefully can answer some of your questions:

1) I can't find the type of KMC Sleeves I'm after in your store, will you stock them?

A: Unfortunately due to the quantities we have to purchase to offer you competitive prices, we generally stock items only depending on current demand; however we can accommodate special orders for you if you're interested in large quantities.

2) Do you do bulk sales for any of your KMC Sleeves?

A: We have changed the way we sell KMC Sleeves to get you better access to competitive prices across the country, however if you need consistent large quantities of sleeves then contact us and we can arrange something.

3) Do you combine orders for free shipping?

Sorry but the typical answer will be a negative, if you're interested in taking advantage of our free shipping offers then simply purchase additional free shipping products/quantities. We do this so that we are able to order and process products with more ease and as such gain access to lower prices.