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  • When is Leather Honey Conditioner not recommended? (Cleaner is Universal)
Unfortunately as fantastic as Leather Honey is, just like any other product, there are types of Leather that do not mix well with it. This short list is written to ensure you won't be disappointed with your purchase, as we want our customers to be proud of their decision to use Leather Honey.
  1. Only use Leather Honey with 'Normal' (Non-Grain side) and 'Real' leather: Faux-Leather, Suede, are not quite compatible with this product.
  2. Only use Leather Honey with Leather that does not have special treatment, this mostly applies to some furniture and car seats: Some Leather furniture comes with a coating of Polyurethane (or similar treatments, i.e. Latex) to 'waterproof' the furniture, in other words it has 'sealed' or 'treated' leather. This treatment doesn't allow Leather Honey to seep in, and leads customers to think that the product does not work; remember, if Leather Honey cannot be soaked in by the Leather then it cannot condition and protect it. It can also happen with some car's Leather, which is sometimes coated in Vinyl.
  3. Be careful when using Leather Honey on very light coloured leather. Please test it on a discreet spot first to see if you would be happy with the result. ANY Leather conditioner darkens these colours; and although some of the original colour returns overtime, extremely light tans may be darkened for months or even years. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Conditions
If you have taken the above three recommendations into consideration and you are not 100% Satisfied with the results of the product, we are happy to give you a 100% refund on your purchase as required by Leather Honey. Please be aware if the reason for your return is directly related to either of the three above warnings, the return cannot be guaranteed by us.